Testimonies 2018

Finola’s Story

Finola Bruton is chair of the Parish Pastoral Council of Dunboyne & Kilbride “This referendum on the right to life of the unborn child will challenge us as a society to look at our basic moral vision and to examine […]

Dr Monaghan’s Story

Dr John Monaghan is a retired obstetrician and gynaecologist from Athlone Co. Roscommon Dr Monaghan’s Story “Doctors have always been faced with the care and management of a woman who develops serious illness when she is pregnant. Unfortunately, in these […]

Emma and Rossa’s Story

Emma Maloney, 25, with her son Rossa, 2, from Maynooth, Co. Kildare “I felt I wasn’t ready to be a mother when I found myself pregnant at 23. I had always considered myself pro-life but I had no idea how […]

Eilish’s Story

“The possibility of unrestricted abortion access up to 12 weeks is a major concern for me and many other nurses on the wards. We are shocked, and nervous, that abortion could be available in Ireland up to full term of […]

Sinéad’s Story

Sinéad McBreen with her daughter Grace from Bailieborough, Co. Cavan. “The beginning of my pregnancy with Grace was the same as our other children. Everything was normal. We had an early scan at seven weeks which showed a heartbeat. We […]

Seán’s Story

Séan Feeney, an IT Director, from Castleknock, Dublin 15. Pictured with his two-year-old son Aaron. “The up and coming referendum on the Eighth Amendment essentially provides for the removal of the most fundamental human right – the right to life […]

Luke’s Story

Luke Silke, 19, is a writer and historian from Co. Galway “As a man I am often told my opinion is not  welcome in this debate. An experience I had as a child shaped my views on the abortion issue […]

Kathleen’s Story

Tracy and Kathleen Rose Harkin “The day my husband and I were given Kathleen Rose’s diagnosis is a day we won’t forget in a hurry. Doctors told us our daughter would be very lucky to survive past her first birthday. […]

Richie’s Story

Richie Fenton, 28, is an architect from Co. Waterford “The conversations surrounding the Eighth Amendment are largely devoted to dealing with the rights of the mother and the unborn child. The rights and concerns of the father are rarely talked […]