Emma and Rossa’s Story

Emma Maloney, 25, with her son Rossa, 2, from Maynooth, Co. Kildare

“I felt I wasn’t ready to be a mother when I found myself pregnant at 23. I had always considered myself pro-life but I had no idea how difficult it would be to deal with a crisis pregnancy.

“I was blessed that I had two things that helped me through my pregnancy when things got tough. Firstly my faith, trusting that God had a plan for me and my baby, and secondly a supportive family.

“My pregnancy wasn’t a joyful time. It was an extremely lonely, worrying time. I’m so glad the Eighth Amendment was there to protect me and my baby when I was feeling vulnerable and scared.

“My beautiful boy Rossa is now two years old. I can’t imagine my life without him. He has brought a true happiness to my heart. Being a single mother can be a challenge at times but Rossa is such a joyful little boy who is loved by so many people.

“Many young women feel they have no choice other than abortion because they aren’t ready to be mothers. I felt that I wasn’t ready either but I’d like any woman in a similar situation to know that they can have their baby and their life will go on.

“I’m so thankful the Eighth Amendment was there to protect me from making a quick and rash decision when I was experiencing a crisis pregnancy. I often think if I had local access to abortion when I was feeling vulnerable I could have made a decision that I would have
regretted later.

“I can honestly say that I am a much happier person now than I was before I got pregnant. Women need support in a crisis pregnancy. They need to be told that they are strong enough to have their babies. My child is alive today thanks to the Eighth Amendment.”