Pope Francis quotes on abortion

  Our defence of the innocent unborn, for example, needs to be clear, firm and passionate, for at stake is the dignity of a human life, which is always sacred and demands love for each person, regardless of his or […]

Prayer resources for parishes

Celebration of Life Prayers of Intercession For a growing respect for the life of each human person from conception to natural death; and that this respect may be protected in our laws. We pray to the Lord. For a growing […]

Prayers of Intercession

Individual intercessions taken from this selection could be includes in the Prayers of Intercession on any Sunday of the Year or indeed for any para-liturgy in an Community or Educational Setting. Certain ones may be particularly appropriate depending on the […]

Prayer for the Child in the Womb

Every human life is beautiful, every human life is precious. Choose Life! Day for Life 2012 marked the beginning of a dedicated Choose Life Month of Prayer, which ran from 7 October (Day for Life) to 6 November (Feast of […]