Bernadette’s Story

Bernadette Goulding from Co. Cork is the director of Rachel’s Vineyard Ireland “When I was 19 years old I emigrated to London. The new-found freedom was overwhelming. I started to experiment with alcohol, go out with guys and eventually I […]

Catherine’s Story

Catherine Wiley, from Co. Mayo, is the founder of the Catholic Grandparents Association “As Catholic grandparents, we love our grandchildren – those who are born and those waiting to be born. We believe it is only fair that they, like […]

Emma’s Story

Emma Sisk, 27, from Co. Tipperary, is a communications officer for the Irish Bishops’ Conference “I believe every woman should be respected, empowered and treated equally. This is why I am pro-life. “I see abortion as incompatible with feminism because […]

Clíona’s Story

Clíona Johnson, from Dublin, whose son John Paul lived for just 17 minutes “At my 22-week scan I was given the diagnosis that my son had anencephaly, a condition where the baby’s brain doesn’t develop fully. I felt complete devastation […]