A statement from the Catholic Grandparents Association


“As Catholic Grandparents we love our Grandchildren; those who are born and those who are waiting to be born. We believe that it is only fair that they, like us, should be given their chance at life, however short or fragile it may be.

We understand the challenges that face our daughters and our sons as parents, because we have lived similar challenges in our own lives. The lasting happiness of our own daughters and sons is of the utmost importance to us and we will do all we can to support them in their own role as parents.

We appreciate that abortion may sometimes seem to offer an immediate solution to a difficult situation. Quite apart from what it would do to our Grandchildren, however, we cannot see how it could ever serve the lasting happiness of our children.

We encourage all Grandparents to turn to God’s Spirit for Wisdom and Courage and, when the time comes, to vote to keep the pro-life amendment in our Constitution.”