Clíona’s Story

Clíona Johnson, from Dublin, whose son John Paul lived for just 17 minutes “At my 22-week scan I was given the diagnosis that my son had anencephaly, a condition where the baby’s brain doesn’t develop fully. I felt complete devastation […]

Luke’s Story

Luke Silke, 19, is a writer and historian from Co. Galway “As a man I am often told my opinion is not  welcome in this debate. An experience I had as a child shaped my views on the abortion issue […]

Kathleen’s Story

Tracy and Kathleen Rose Harkin “The day my husband and I were given Kathleen Rose’s diagnosis is a day we won’t forget in a hurry. Doctors told us our daughter would be very lucky to survive past her first birthday. […]

Richie’s Story

Richie Fenton, 28, is an architect from Co. Waterford “The conversations surrounding the Eighth Amendment are largely devoted to dealing with the rights of the mother and the unborn child. The rights and concerns of the father are rarely talked […]

Sarah’s Story

Sarah Moynihan, 21, is a student from Co. Meath “I have always been pro-life but I remember the day I wholeheartedly promised to always stand up for the unborn. “I heard a woman speak called Melissa Odhen, who survived an […]

James and Ann-Marie’s Story

James and Ann-Marie Mahon from Tullamore, Co. Offaly “As a couple, some of the most precious moments shared together include meeting our two children for the first time. We have great memories of marvelling at their growth and development during […]